I am not a crab in a bucket.

I am not a crab in a bucket.

A new essay has been circulating amongst my liberal acquaintances on social media.  For the most part, it’s unremarkable, more of the same thing we’ve seen a lot the last week – somebody’s daughter was sad, racismsexismhomophobia, that’s the short version.

But at the end of the essay, I read something I really, really took exception to.

53% of white women voted against Hillary – well, they are crabs in a bucket.

Crabs in a bucket.

For those unfamiliar with the expression, crabs in a bucket refers to the tendency of cute little crustaceans to try and climb up each other and pull one another down in the process, as they attempt to escape a bucket-prison.   If only they could cooperate, a few of them might escape, but because they’re all trying to climb out simultaneously, none of them manage to do it.   But of course they lack the ability to cooperate because they’re crabs and their brains are the size of a pea, so in the bucket they stay.

When applied to humans, it refers to the tendency (real or imagined) of some people to look at high achievers and try to take them down because “if I can’t have it, you can’t either”.  So this essayist, a male, by the way, is writing off the votes of 53% of white women because of cattiness, because of jealousy, because they can’t set aside their pettiness and be happy for another woman.  Crabs in a bucket.

This is a charge that’s often made against women.  That we would rather see other women fail than to be successful when we can’t.  We’re catty, petty, small-minded, consumed by jealousy, incapable of setting aside that innate self-destructive chick behavior in order to cooperate long enough to escape the sexism bucket.  I guess because our brains are small and soaked with estrogen or something?

The idea that women might be individuals with their own hearts, brains, and life experiences, who dispassionately weighed all the possible options and information available to them and then rationally made the decision that they thought was best for themselves and for the country – nah.  Women are just crabs in a bucket.  The kind, gentle, liberal men have decreed it.  Those bitchez are always scratching each other’s eyes out.

Expecting women to vote a certain way for no other reason then detecting a fellow vagina, and when they don’t, blaming it on a stereotypical female failing – it is just absolute, complete, total sexist disregard for the intellect and individuality of women.  It’s so disrespectful.   Dismissing tens of millions of female voters because they didn’t politically agree with you, and using “female cattiness” as grounds for that dismissal?  That IS sexism, right there.   Using sexist stereotypes to dismiss the thoughts and opinions of women – not cool.  It doesn’t matter if you have very grave concerns over female representation in media and demand changing tables in all bathrooms, you’re a sexist.

I hate to break it to you, Blue Tribers, but just because a member of a minority group makes good, does not immediately and magically solve all problems experienced by that group.  Ask Philando Castile how well having a black president worked out for him.  The policies MATTER.  Casting a vote for a woman that I do not like, do not trust, and do not politically agree with, for no reason other than our mutual gender, would be totally and utterly insane.  BTW here are 38 Hillary-specific reasons why I did not vote for Hillary. 38 reasons that Hillary lost the election that have nothing to do with the FBI.

Hillary Clinton failed to prove herself to me.  That’s the whole story.  She doesn’t represent my views as a personally (mildly) conservative, politically (super duperly) libertarian person who happens to have two X chromosomes.  If I cast my vote using no other criteria than some perceived concept of “sisterhood” it would mean that I had been snookered by identity politics at its worst.

It’s not that I wouldn’t vote for a female candidate.  I would.  I’d love to.  (Carly Fiorina, are you still out there?)  That I didn’t is NOT due to my personal failings and it’s certainly not due to my inherent failings as a catty, backbiting female.  It’s because your candidate sucked and her campaign failed to connect with me.  Give me a better candidate, Democrats, and I will vote for her.   And in the meantime, I suggest some serious deep thought about your party’s own issues with sexism before you cast stones my direction.

I am not a crab in a bucket.


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