the rainbow elephant on the couch

the rainbow elephant on the couch

Before I get rolling here, I want to take a moment to point out that most of the people who are caught up in the Great Trans Hallucination of the 2000’s are victims themselves.  Victims of a culture that glorifies Dionysian levels of self-indulgence, victims of an educational system that failed to impart any greater values than novelty-seeking and immediate gratification, victims of a Hollywood machine that has catered to misogyny for decades that sadly most of us now living were raised with: a (kind of) defense of Brett Kavanaugh – the atomic feminist, victims of a toxic form of feminism that has poisoned healthy male-female relationships in the name of “sexual equality” that can never exist because men’s and women’s sexual interests are fundamentally different (more about this below), victims of online grooming – coming soon to a school district near you!!, victims of vile pornographers that prey upon bored and vulnerable youths, victims of parents who had the best of intentions yet failed to help their kids seek meaning beyond one’s own amusement, and most of all, victims of a system of political indoctrination in which every traditional belief humanity has ever known is attacked on every front.  This political indoctrination has nothing to do with “love”, “happiness”, or “self-actualization”, but is a deliberate strategy (Google “Frankfurt School”) of bringing about communism amongst peoples who would never otherwise have supported it, by destroying all heretofore known social norms and replacing them with a belief system ostensibly easier for would-be authoritarians to manage.  

I feel for these victims, I truly do, but the solution for those who have been victimized is not to then turn over women and girls as sacrificial lambs to be further victimized by them.

There is a giant, incredibly angry, rainbow-colored elephant sprawling and seething and stewing and sulking on America’s couch right now.  The thing that so amazes me about this hideous beast is how dedicated everyone is to ignoring it despite the fact that it’s not only impossible to miss due to its exceedingly unusual nature, but also because it never shuts the fuck up.  The elephant tells everyone exactly what it is and what it wants constantly, both with its words and with its deeds, yet still everyone tiptoes around chatting about virtually anything else.  

The left wants to ignore it, of course, because that rainbow-colored elephant works for them, alongside their adorable baby gorilla of wokeness they keep injecting with HGH, testosterone, and radioactive waste. (For more about this gorilla, please see fear and loathing – the atomic feminist).  Leftists think they can control these hideous beasts, they think they can exploit them, they believe they can keep their brutishness and toxicity contained, so most folk of the liberal persuasion are happy to pretend that rainbow-colored elephant isn’t even there. 

As for the right, even though we see the elephant for what it really is, most of us prefer to focus more on the elephant’s personality, its dysfunction, than upon its actual behavior, because conservatives like to imagine that it’s still 1953 and that we can allude to completely obvious yet distasteful things all subtle and genteel-like, and proper-thinking civilized people will understand and agree.

But there are no proper-thinking civilized people left, old chums.  The public schools have done away with all that while the conservative movement wasted their time and energy shitting the bed over the Dixie Chicks, sucking up to pundits and celebrities who despise us, and supporting a series of absolutely terrible Quisling presidential candidates because they’re supposedly “electable” even tho none of them were actually elected.  No, if the last few years have taught me anything, it’s that conservatives can’t afford to be silent any more, ever, on any topic, no matter how unsavory or vulgar.  While it’s certainly true that when you wrestle in the mud with a pig, the pig doesn’t understand and you both end up covered with dirt, it’s equally true that some pigs are mean and destructive and they keep escaping from their pens on potentially murderous rampages; ignoring a problem pig because you don’t want to get your clothes dirty is simply not an option.  That swine may be destined for bacon, or maybe you build a better pen, but either way, you gotta deal with them no matter how bad they stink.

It’s past time to deal with this elephant in the room, folks.

There is one fundamental difference that exists in all humanity.  It’s not skin color, oh no, or hair color, or the shape of a person’s eyes; it’s not beliefs or religion or politics or education level or social class.  Those things are transitory, ephemeral; they can change over a lifetime or over the generations.  The one fundamental, set in stone, and everlasting difference betwixt all of peoplekind is gender.  I’m supposed to use the word “sex” here, but the words sex and gender used to be interchangeable up until about five minutes ago, and I refuse to change the words I use to please a giant, incredibly angry, rainbow-colored elephant.  I never invited that thing in here and I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

The reason why gender/sex is the sole difference between human beings is because that is how we reproduce.  There would not be humans without the male and the female. We know this as fact not only instinctively, but scientifically, by looking at how all other animals reproduce.  There are critters that make a limited number of these great big giant cells called “eggs” and then there are critters that constantly make massive numbers of these little teeny cells called “sperm” and when those two cells join together, a new critter is created.  Despite all the talk of “intersex” and claims that sex is a spectrum, there are no in between cells, only eggs and sperm.  Human sex is a binary system wherein XX + XY makes XX or XY and nothing else.  Anything else that happens is a mistake, an error, a glitch in the matrix, and is NOT just another a setting on the dryer.  Though of course we accept everyone as a valid person regardless of the quirks of their genome, in terms of reproduction, the basis from whence all human beings came (even those who are intersex) is XX or XY.

Another interesting part about “egg havers” and “sperm havers” is this: that new critter who comes along eventually, the egg-maker is particularly invested in.  This makes sense, because she – and she is a SHE – only has a small number of those great big giant cells to pass down her genes to future generations, and it takes a lot of work to get that cell from the size of the dot at the end of a sentence to when they’re surly and asking you for the WiFi password (my first choice was “the car keys” but then I remembered that modern-day kids are scared to drive; my, what functional human beings a school system dominated by a vast impersonal pro-corporate bureaucracy has created!)  The purpose of all reproduction is making sure genes get passed down to future generations.  Thus the party with a few great big cells that take a lot of biological effort to make and care for until they can care for themselves, has a vested interest in guarding access to those cells and the results of those cells.  Meanwhile the party which makes a lot of cells constantly all the time can afford to play it fast and loose, shooting those things out basically into the breeze and who cares where they land.  If a little critter comes from that, well, that’s a problem for the egg-haver to deal with.   

One can make ridiculous arguments about slime molds and seahorses but at the end of the day when I go out to my chicken coop, my rooster don’t lay no eggs.  Egg haver, sperm haver, it’s where we come from.  Fundamental.  Immutable.  And undeniable.

The differences both in terms of appearance and behavior that come along with that sole difference run deeper and are more profound than any other difference between people.  Physical characteristics change over generations, height, weight, skin tone, the texture of one’s hair, but you can take a black hen, a white hen, and a brown hen and they all act a lot more like each other than any of them act like a rooster.  Anyone who isn’t tying their brain into a pretzel to support a completely bizarre and unscientific political agenda knows it at a glance.  Interestingly, the rooster acts more like a tom turkey or a drake duck than he acts like a female anything!!  Those befeathered dudes aren’t even the same species, and yet there are similarities of behavior that come from “male” that are not present in “female”.  It all comes down to said critter making a small number of very big cells vs. huge numbers of little teeny ones.

But we’re here to talk not about poultry, but about elephants, giant, incredibly angry, rainbow-colored ones to be precise.  Because there’s something I failed to mention about this elephant.  It is that this elephant is also horny.  You see, just as the egg-makers invest a lot of time and effort in their few precious offspring, the sperm-makers have a LOT of those huge little tiny cells to spread around, so they have a biological imperative to fuck early and fuck often, and to put themselves into situations where fucking-adjacent behavior can be enjoyed.

It’s really just that simple.

The horniness of this elephant is that thing which leftists want to ignore because it doesn’t fit their agenda.  ”This is just about LOVE!” they say, as the authorities in my very own state put an erect penis attached to a stranger on the sex offenders registry list in the bathroom with defenseless girls, one of whom could easily have been my nine-year-old daughter.  Notes from the T side: Update on Colleen Francis (

The horniness factor is also the thing that people on the right want to ignore because it’s icky (hmm, as I’m writing this, it occurs to me that a good number of conservative males, and the sad, pitiful women who are brainwashed by them, as I was once sad, pitiful, and brainwashed before I became radioactive, may also want to ignore these things because it doesn’t fit in with their “MRA have a point actually, women truly are the source of all male unhappiness, they are frigid sexless eunuchs who are also simultaneously perpetually slutty hobags, they are all liars because Amber Heard, and also, they very probably have cooties, I don’t trust nuthin that bleeds for a week and doesn’t die” worldview).  But it is the biggest piece of the puzzle, a piece of the puzzle so huge it dwarfs all other pieces of the puzzle like Shaq standing next to a horde of Etruscan white-toothed pygmy shrews.  And sadly for those of us who prefer to drink our tea with our pinkies extended, we MUST wrestle with this muddy disgusting pig because failing to do so leaves women, by which I mean regular, plain old, everyday women, a term I actually was forced to define here: Intersectionality is impossible – the atomic feminist – in mortal peril.

Seriously, I challenge you to genderbend the two roles above. Put the creepy man on the phone dialing frantically for help, and the woman in the shadows, lurking. Unless that bitch has a gun or supernatural powers, (and probably even then) the man would calmly put down the phone and start mentally writing a “Dear Penthouse” letter.

Male horniness.  You can do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around, but that’s what the transgender movement is all about.

The idea that we would talk about allowing men  – any men, but we are talking about STRAIGHT MEN here, not gay trans men, who interestingly enough, don’t seem to have the same burning need to infiltrate women’s restrooms – with fully functional genitalia and clearly spurious motives (because any man who claims to be a “lesbian” has clearly spurious motives, please click on this link for all the evidence you will ever need, but make sure you haven’t eaten recently: These are not lesbians – by Graham Linehan ( into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms and ladies-only swimming pools and prisons and spas and hospitals and organizations for lesbians and MY GOD even in RAPE CRISIS CENTERS!!!

Hmm, well, were these alleged women born with a penis, the implement with which raping is done?  That might possibly have something to do with it.

…without discussing the very real, very undeniable truth that there are men out there who rape, and not a few, is fucking lunacy.  Not-so-fun fact, men both force women into having sex and murder women for sexual gratification, on the regular.  Setting rape and murder entirely aside to please my #notallmentho readers, taking these fundamental acts of human depravity off the table completely, there are massive numbers of men out there (like…all of them??  I love you guys, but let’s be real here) who may never act on it, but get off in some way or another from witnessing sexual coercion.  Indeed, porn that features violence against women is extremely commonplace and mindbogglingly popular.  Pornography that features sadistic acts and/or sexually degrading scenarios done to women is basically ubiquitous.  And as for those who would say but men suffer too tho, porn featuring men being sadistically tormented and sexually degraded at the hands of women is not the same thing, because it’s still done for the MAN’S gratification.  Spot the difference?

But in the interest of fairness, let’s even set porn aside.  After all, you can’t help what turns your crank, or so we are told by a vast stream of individuals who profit in some way by telling people that they are helpless victims of their own libido.  Something else men enjoy, and I believe in many, many cases enjoy in the sexual sense of the word, is intimidating women by issuing written or verbal threats of violence to them.  You’ve probably heard them do this yourself, but in case you’ve lived a more protected life than I have:

There are thousands of these tweets out there.  Tens of thousands, if not hundreds.  I just picked a couple at random that believe it or not, weren’t particularly disturbing when compared to some of the other ones.  The latter, by the way, is from a famous person who faced absolutely no consequences for saying that or even from fracturing said skull, and in fact was named “Bravest Athlete of the Year” by some sports-themed trashrag or another.   

I mean, come on.  There are men who flash their genitals at women and and catcall women and grope women and follow women on city streets and peep in women’s windows and men who steal women’s underpants or buy them online or MY GOD even in VENDING MACHINES!! 

There are men who disable women’s cars to come to their rescue:  Police Warn of Man Disabling Young Women’s Vehicles in Mass. – NBC Boston  There are fertility doctors who used their own semen, fresh from the source if u know what I mean, to inseminate their clients and fathered dozens of children that way: There are male police officers who, when you go to them to tell them you’ve been raped, rape you again: Indian girl who reported gang-rape raped again by cop: police ( And my friends, these were just things in the news this week, I didn’t even have to go digging, all I had to do was open my browser.

I would ask that question “men, are you ok” but I already know that a shocking number of you aren’t.

Oh, and we can’t fail to acknowledge that basically infinity of men out there of all variants who find it pleasurable to stick it to women in the more figurative sense of the term, demeaning, bullying, and belittling them, making them do unpleasant things, even things that are actively harmful to the women involved, both in and out of the bedroom.  A good number of men get off on this type of behavior.  It’s fun for men to feel they are exercising power over women.  For some men, it is a definite source of sexual gratification, and I know this not only because I, as all straight, sexually active women have, have experienced it firsthand, but because there’s endless iterations of pornography where men verbally berate and/or demean a woman in a variety of seemingly non-sexual ways, that then turns into a sexual encounter.  It’s bad enough when this is non-consensual, but even sicker how often sex after demeaning behavior is portrayed as consensual – men not only want to demean women, they want the women to enjoy it or at least to pretend to.  I truly believe that it’s sexually gratifying for some men to see how many hoops they can make women jump through, to see just how much shit a woman will eat on their behalf.  If you were unaware of the existence of men who like to sadistically inflict both physical and psychological torment on their partner out of a combo of sexual aggression and a dispassionate intellectual curiosity about how much a particular woman will, in fact, actually put up with, please read some of the other articles on my blog or at Ordinary Times that illustrate the fact.  Here’s a good un: A Star Is Born: A Cold Hard Look At A Feminist Masterpiece – Ordinary Times (  

Knowing this, why would we ever for a moment think that there aren’t at least some men who find it amusing, even sexy to see an army of very earnest pink haired girls saying through clenched teeth and with tiny beads of sweat forming on her eyelids, “Sure, you can call your penis a vagina, and I’ll call my…er…stuff…a (checks notes, mutters oh sweet jesus really?) a FRONT HOLE. It’s…for….civil…rights…gshhhhshsah.”    

Rereading the last few paragraphs, I suspect that the vast majority of men who want to play sports against women are getting off on it too, not just the uninvited proximity to female bodies, not just the physicality of the beatdowns, but the demonstration of sheer power in which a man strongarms his way into something that was meant exclusively for women, then beats those bitches at their own game, and then just to be really, really sure that women know they are inferior to and subjects of men forever in perpetuity, then forces the women to applaud his achievement or else face having their lives ruined. This realization adds a whole nother layer of ick to a situation that is already chock full of ick.

Taking the seemingly endless supply of male-horniness-induced behavior running amok throughout all of human existence into account, it is sheer and utter LUNACY to ignore the one, true, fundamental difference between peoples – the male and the female – to please a screeching set of freaks who take sexual pleasure in creeping on, harassing, scaring, threatening, demeaning, marginalizing, making insane/ridiculous demands of, and y’know, like, actually raping and murdering, regular, plain old, everyday women.  Even just forcing women to refer to themselves as “bleeders” and “chest feeders” with “pussies” while men skate away with the term woman and vagina, absolutely ejaculates sexual aggression all over all of our faces.  Girls, they are doing all this to us because they get off on it, full stop.  When you play along with them and pretend otherwise, you are facilitating the sexual abuse of women as surely as if you were the goddamn Catholic Church.  Yes, YOU.

Those who doubt what I say, please find me this regular, plain old, everyday woman who steals men’s used underwear, unless it’s their poor longsuffering mom trying to clean their putrid rooms for once.  FIND ME ONE.  You won’t be able to unless you resort to a rhetorical device known as lying.  You won’t find me a woman who is sneaking into men’s homes to steal their underpants any more than I’ll go outside this morning and see that my rooster laid an egg.

And as for those who say BuT TrAnS WoMeN R AlSo VicTiMs, well hey, if that’s the case then use that two precious functions of your brain called “reason” and “empathy” to then posit that no actually vulnerable group that has ever been actually victimized should ever, EVER want another group (who, by the way, regular, plain old, everyday women weren’t even the ones who victimized you, you fucking idiots, so ya can’t even call it revenge, you’re not exactly Eric Bana rounding up escaped Nazis in Munich here, people) to be put into circumstances where they may be victimized again.  If they do, it’s a sure sign that the “victim” banner is nothing more than a false flag to allow that so-called vulnerable group to victimize someone else who is lower on the totem pole than they themselves are.  

Women are lower on the totem pole than men who call themselves women.  Wrap your head around THAT.

If you have a hard time choking that hard fact down, remember, when you want to see who really has the power in society, look at who it’s ok to criticize and who it isn’t.

This is how it’s acceptable to discuss one of the richest women in the world vs. a person who has usurped the name and legal standing of women to become “the first female four star admiral”.

Here Rachel Levine is again as a part of the White House during Lesbian Visibility Week:

And of course the man is the one doing the talking.  OF THE FUCK COURSE HE IS.

A HUGE number of “transwomen” who call themselves “lesbians” (meaning they are straight men who call themselves lesbians – nothing wrong with that, nope no way no how not at all misogynistic, even though it’s a cringey joke I’ve heard about 400 non-trans men say IRL) suggest that any regular old everyday woman, even those who are, like, ACTUAL lesbians, even those who have been raped, who doesn’t want to “choke on their girl dick” (their term, not mine, because no regular, plain old, everyday woman would say such a thing) whilst having sex with them, is “transphobic”.  Allowing these vile excuses for human beings into women’s private spaces is not civil rights, it’s sexual assault:  Congratulations, trans activists: You’ve helped a male, blood-drinking, Satanist, rapist/murderer get into a women’s correctional facility and possibly impregnate two prisoners | Not the Bee 

Yes, yes it is. It is sexual assault in the same way that a man creeping up to a woman’s window and watching her change clothes is sexual assault – because it involves men invading women’s privacy for the purposes of their own sexual gratification.  Even if they don’t whip it out and jack it right then and there, they get off on it.   You know it, I know it, everyone knows it, and as much as some of y’all try to ignore the giant, incredibly angry, rainbow colored elephant, it’s awfully hard to ignore that it is sporting a raging boner. 

Why are so many of you playing along?

These sick creeps are using the TRAPPINGS of oppression, the trappings of terrible things that have actually happened to religious minorities, to racial groups, to gay people, to women, and to other trans individuals as well, to justify sexual assault in the here and now.  Many presently calling themselves transwomen are not only odious perverts, but they’re deliberately and maliciously diluting what the term oppression even means!  They are stealing the mantle of oppression from people who have actually experienced it, and usurping it as predominantly white males.  This is not a person who was excluded from something they were legally entitled to due to the color of their skin or their religious beliefs, this is a person who wants to get into areas they are NOT entitled to, for purposes of sexual gratification.

Here, read this account from a mother of a son demanding attention from an uninterested cheerleader by claiming to be trans, earning shopping trips and even the poor naive girl’s bra from the deal: Cheerleaders: What Team are You On? ( And while I feel for the woman and to a lesser extent, her creepy ass son, she blames the goddamn cheerleader and excuses her son’s clear display of sexual aggression.  Ah, misogyny, ur roots is deep.

We are living in a world in which Bill Murray is called a sex pest for pulling a woman’s ponytail flirtatiously, and yet anyone who doesn’t want to see a naked man in a changing room is somehow…a horrible oppressor?

How do you square that circle, anyway?  How does #metoo coexist with straight male “lesbians” in women’s private spaces?  Either every act of a man towards a woman, even those that are seemingly benign like ponytail tugging, is potentially sexually aggressive (… … … yes,) or else men are harmless cuddle bunnies and it’s totes cool for Harvey Weinstein to have meet and greets where he demands massages from Hollywood starlets provided he slaps on a dress first.

You don’t get to have it both ways.  Either Bill Murray can keep his hilarious Bill Murray hands to his universally beloved Bill Murray self (state your unpopular opinion, Kristin, but hey, I wouldn’t like being repeatedly touched in a flirtatious manner by some guy at work, even if he were Bill Murray, and I know this because it has happened to me and I didn’t like it even tho the guy was as nearly beloved as Bill Murray) or it’s game on and every man has a right to infiltrate a woman’s personal space, up to and including her body.  There cannot exist a world in which people go after Bill Fucking Murray for being a little handsy whilst simultaneously allowing Harry Peter Johnson Von Dickenstein to drop trou in a room full of women and girls, because he’s probably harmless, see look, he’s wearing silky panties over his tumescent morning wood.  

These two mindsets are mutually exclusive, they cannot coexist in the same movement, logically, rationally, or biologically.  That they DO exist in the same movement is just another piece of evidence in the case that the left abandoned all pretense of common sense in favor of exercises in sheer power sometime back.  Look what they can make us do! Look at the absolutely ridiculous, self-defeating beliefs they can brainwash their followers into arguing in favor of! And yes, they’re getting off on it too.

As for those of you squawking about “consent”, saying “well ACHTUALLY, the reason why Harvey Weinstein is a baddie is because he didn’t ask for consent before flapping his wang in Ashley Judd’s general direction,” well, hey, MC Geniuspants, I don’t consent to a straight male “lesbian” flapping his wang in proximity to my daughter or any other defenseless woman either, and if you shove one into the changing room at my gym despite that lack of consent, how is that not sexual assault?  He’s getting off on it and we absolutely are not.  Women are just there to pee or shower or try on a swimsuit, and he is aroused by our presence.  This is unwanted sexual contact by definition. 

Allowing men into women’s private spaces when at least some of them are there for purposes of sexual gratification is sexual assault. It’s coercion, it’s force, it’s disgusting, and everyone who supports it is basically holding down the girls’ arms and legs so some other dude can rape her.

Why are you ok with this?

Let’s Try This Again

Let’s Try This Again

All right, I’m tentatively back.

It’s been about a year since my last piece. I have a lot going on in my personal life – two jobs, taking care of our small farm, my house which is perpetually a wreck…ok, maybe I have three jobs come to think of it, since I am a homemaker first and foremost, and homeschooling my three youngest children. My younger boys are in middle school now, and my daughter is headed into the 4th grade next year. Since I consider the years 4th thru 9th grade most important for educational achievement, I decided they needed a greater time commitment than I was giving them. Reading CS Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters made me realize that social media is a sin of pride for me, so that I’ve given up permanently. I’m working on learning to speak German, I’ve crocheted a lot of cool stuff, cooked some good food, planted some trees, spent some precious time with my kiddos, and we have a new baby calf due any minute now. (Go Ella!) Unfortunately my house is still a mess, but that’s a moving target, so.

With all that on my plate already, why am I back? Well, because there’s a LOT that’s happened in the past year, a lot of disturbing signals that I’ve received regarding the threatened status of women in American…indeed, in Western society as a whole. (PS – my return has nothing to do with Roe vs. Wade, and if anyone assumes that is my motivation because you’ve spotted the word “Feminist” in my blog name, you’re dead wrong. I loathe abortions while admitting that they may be a necessary evil at least in the first trimester, and I have a piece about that here: The Tomiknockers. That having been said, in all honesty, I’m willing to let the whole Roe v. Wade thing shake itself out; it’s not a pressing concern of mine as I find in a world with cheap birth control available at every grocery store, drugstore, and even convenience stores, not to mention phone apps that track fertility, avoiding unwanted pregnancies is far easier than people make it out to be.) At any rate, I have done some pretty major research into the origin stories of these misogynistic signals over the past year, and I feel I have an obligation to address them because as a conservative feminist I often have takes that aren’t being shared by any other source.

I have a piece that I’m polishing up right now that I’ll share soon, but in the meantime, if you missed my piece The First Wives Snub on Ordinary Times a couple months back, where I discussed how prevalent it is for famous men to openly disrespect their first wives, check it out when you have a moment to spare. In addition to being laden with juicy celebrity gossip, it’s both feminist- and conservative-themed, if that combo appeals to you.

In the meantime, for those of you who are also sick of middle aged men clutching their cravats and exclaiming quelle horreur at the temerity of women, you know, like, aging and stuff, offensively to their rheumy, saggy, dark-bagged male eyeballs, enjoy.