An excerpt from “Liberals & Conservatives: United by Misogyny” by Mickey Z

An excerpt from “Liberals & Conservatives: United by Misogyny” by Mickey Z

The other day I stumbled onto an interesting Substack post from a person called “Mickey Z” who writes a blog called “Post-Woke”. I followed it as I do various Substacks to see what they’re about, before I decide if I want to add it to my normal rotation or delete it. I don’t know anything about this person, I don’t know what their Substack is even about really, I just read an interesting article and hit the subscribe button. So if they kick puppies and insult baby kittens, don’t come to me about it.

Today, this absolutely flawless, spot on article appeared in my inbox. While I normally don’t repost stuff that others have written, this is something I really have wanted to say for a while anyway and it’s so perfectly said, so concise and to the point, that rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m just going to share a couple excerpts with you guys.

Because as I’ve written about in the past, conservative men, in a rush to “pwn the libs”, have basically thrown conservative women under the bus, taking on a lot of the worst qualities of liberalism, while simultaneously embracing their own unique brand of toxicity, in ways that are completely the polar opposite of what the conservative movement claims to stand for:

Yet no one says jack about it, because no one wants to taint themselves by associating too closely with stuff that feminists say. But this shit is wrong. It is just plain wrong. You’re allowing women and girls – those people you like to talk yourselves up for protecting – to be now attacked on THREE separate fronts (leftism, MRA/PUA, and Operation Bitch Make Me a Sandwich) and the worst part is, it’s not even a pwn, because in doing so, conservative men, you’re behaving WITH A LIBERAL MINDSET.

Or as Mickey Z put it:

Or as I would put it, if the sum of the leftist takeover of feminism has been to enable women to “consent” to swipe right on Tinder to be a cum dumpster for a man who doesn’t care about them at all and wouldn’t stop to help them if they lay dying in the street, then maybe, just maybe, a conservative man might want to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, it’s not “feminism” at issue per se, and certainly not WOMEN, the class, who are by and large not represented by the nutters at Leftist Feminism, Inc., but “leftism”, the movement of the perpetually debauched.

My dudes, stop hating women when you really hate leftists (unless it was that you really hated women, all along??? Nah, that couldn’t be, could it?) While you ponder that, let’s get back to Mickey Z:

Hmm, where have I heard the refrain “not all men”??? Oh yeah:

Again and again, conservative men INSIST that any time a woman has an issue to be raised, even something private and personal that women are discussing among themselves, like health issues women only face or even something mostly women like such as Joanne’s Fabrics, that women must immediately stop to acknowledge the needs and egos of men, before continuing to speak. Mindbogglingly, this “you must say the magic words asking for men’s permission” even includes these statistics:

Why indeed.