38 reasons that Hillary lost the election that have nothing to do with the FBI.

38 reasons that Hillary lost the election that have nothing to do with the FBI.

If you start whining before the game is even over, if whenever things are going badly for you, and you lose you start blaming someone else, then you don’t have what it takes to do this job.   – President Barack Obama

The analysis is in, the soul searching is done.  And apparently, Hillary Clinton truly believes she was just trounced by the worst candidate in, like, ever, because of the FBI.  The email thing, I guess, or something.  I may be only one voter, but I can tell you, the reason I voted for Gary Johnson instead of Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with the FBI.

I’m not trying to kick the woman when she’s down, I’m really not.   Just trying to record the truth as I see it for the sake of accuracy because the media is out to lunch and the rank and file Hillary supporters love their narrative too much.  The FBI was not the reason why I didn’t vote Hillary.  Not even a little.   They did their job, cleared her before the election.  No worries.

So, I had my kids pick a number between one and 50 because I thought I could probably come up with at least 50 reasons that were much more important reasons to me than the last minute email revelations.  Hillary-specific reasons, not the cultural stuff.  This is just the stuff that Hillary herself has responsibility for.  They picked 38.  Here they are in no particular order.

1)The fact that the emails ever existed to begin with and whatever happened between the FBI and Loretta Lynch that triggered their release.

2)The fact that you destroyed a whole bunch of them and expect us to take your word that they were personal


4)Clinton crime bill

5)Dismissive, manipulative email regarding Black Lives Matter and how to use them politically in light of Clinton crime bill

6)Obamacare is a joke, websites never work

7)Used to believe gay marriage was wrong less than 10 years ago (or at least that’s what you said) but everyone conveniently forgot that

8)Both Clintons and Obama administration misusing IRS against political enemies

9)That bullshit where the Clinton staffers trashed the White House and pried all the W’s off of the computers when George W was taking office and caused $15,000 of damage

10)All the times you said crappy things about other women like “trailer trash” and “narcissistic loony tune” and “bimbo” and threatened to destroy and crucify them

11)Auctioning off spending the night in the Lincoln Bedroom and a bunch of other stuff more important than that, that I can’t remember, in exchange for campaign contributions

12)The Clinton Foundation

13)Defended a dude who raped a 12 year old (ok, that was your job, I get that) but then laughed about it and got all the evidence dismissed on a technicality

14)Kept FBI files on your enemies when Bill was in office (she who lives by the sword, dies by the sword, I guess)

15)Bill’s issues and the fact that you had the arrogance to play the “Donald groped women” card despite that

16)That the reason why you had the arrogance to do so was because the press never mentioned the irony of all that

17)That the reason why the press never mentioned the irony of that was because we have emails that prove you were actively colluding with them

18)Donna and the debate questions (and I love Donna, I wish she had been running)

19)That despite racial tensions being very high, people in your campaign sent paid operatives to Trump rallies to incite violence and pretend to be Trump supporters

20)That that is probably still going on

21)That neither you nor Obama have said anything to stop the protests breaking out across the US even though you easily could – if it was me I’d be moving heaven and earth to stop them.  (ok this is a little retroactive, but still, speaks to character)

22)Hired all your cronies for Bill’s administration

23)That Bill has been pal-ling around with Jeffrey Epstein and flying on Epstein’s jet a whole bunch of times and the media has said nothing

24)Said you landed under sniper fire in Bosnia when you didn’t

25)Marc Rich and other questionable pardons for cash that went to your brothers

26)Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidians

27)Dirty tricks on both Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama and your campaign actually invented the birther idea

28)Common core is dumb

29)Gun control

30)The Supreme Court

31) I believe the media manipulated the Republican elections by giving Donald and fellow wackadoo Ben Carson (I actually like Ben tho) tons of free press and making the legitimate candidates into nobodies, because they thought you’d be better able to beat him/them

32)Said mean things about coal miners

33)Clinton fatigue

34)Donald Trump may not have released his tax returns, but you did not release your secret speeches.  Seems weird.

35)Government bailout to your big money pals on Wall Street

36)A lot of really shitty stuff that happened under the Obama administration that we did not hear but barely a word about because the media is under your guys’ control.  Had you won, this media blackout would have continued without question.  Not a doubt.

37)Those gross Planned Parenthood videos

38)It’s the economy, stupid.

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