Keep talking, celebrities.

Keep talking, celebrities.

I didn’t want Donald Trump to be our president, and didn’t vote for him.  I just find it hilarious that he is.   Enjoying the beautiful irony of millions of assholish, mean spirited, closeminded people whose biggest problem in life is whether to shop at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, who’ve just spent the last 10 years accusing everyone who disagrees with them of suffering from cognitive dissonance, experiencing it en masse.

Let’s go back in time a few months.  One of the things that I found incredibly disturbing is how all the celebrities were in this seemingly organized movement to promote Hillary.  At that point in time I was fully ready to vote for Hillary to prevent a Trump presidency.  But the celebrities!!!!  They just never fucking shut up.  I’ve been watching elections since Reagan vs. Mondale and I don’t remember stars coming out so vehemently, so brazenly, so overwhelmingly in support of a candidate.  They may have gone to fundraisers now and then but it was nothing like this past 18 months has been.  It was non-stop all the time, and it was coming from the top down – it wasn’t that celebrities were supporting Hillary, it was that they were apparently this organized force trying to take over on her behalf.   The media, the celebrities, and Hillary.  Go team.

Even celebs that am pretty big fans of, like Louis CK and Patton Oswalt (seriously, get that KoolAid away from Patton, somebody, he’s had way too much) and Jennifer Lawrence and Stephen Colbert were in on this.  I like them, a lot, but I didn’t like the feeling that they were looking down their noses at my neighbors and my Christian and/or conservative friends and making fun of them.  I didn’t like that they could just ignore the fact that Hillary the Candidate has some pretty big flaws and negatives.  I didn’t like that when anybody expressed concern about those flaws, or another troubling thing emerged – like the HRC campaign paying people to pretend to be Trump supporters and incite violence – that’s kind of a big deal, right??  they were shouted down or the story was printed once and never mentioned again.  That they were just so smug, and superior, and thought they were so much better than everyone else.   That they were the ruling class, and we were about to witness the coronation of the rightful queen after the pretenders to the throne were removed from power and hopefully eradicated.  It was really quite offputting.

And that doesn’t even go into the celebrities that I DON’T like.  Lena Dunham, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer (I used to like you, Amy, you’re a funny girl, but you don’t get to kick people out of your shows because they disagree with you…that’s ugly) Seth McFarlane…you guys, you have no clue how that played out here in the real world.   After hearing nothing but lies and negativity and these stupid conspiracy theories out of the mouths of pretty much every celebrity and pundit on the Planet Earth it felt like, after hearing Hillary invoke the names Beyonce and Jay-Z roughly 10 million times over the week before the election and acting like that was supposed to make me DO something like it was some sort of mantra or a magic spell…honestly, if Donald Trump had ridden down on a spaceship from Mars and ripped off a rubber mask revealing himself to be a little green man, I’m not sure I could have dragged my ass to the polls to vote for HRC.

It made me start thinking about a lot of things.  It revealed to me that these people really are one unit, that’s not a misconception on my part.  They think alike, and one of the things they think, is that due to their clear mental superiority, because they’re famous and we aren’t, that they deserve to rule over us.  Well guess what, guys, you don’t.

Congratulate yourself, celebrities, members of the media, because YOU elected President Trump.  Donald Trump would have NEVER won this election without your insufferable, intolerable arrogance and your bloated senses of entitlement pissing off people like me.  And the more you bitch and moan and post your little memes and tweets about how stupidity and racism and sexism and hate are at the core of this, all you do is show to me that I was completely right not to vote Hillary.  It’s not racism, misogyny, stupidity, homophobia.  It’s that we don’t think you get to decide for us the way the world is gonna go on the basis of you happening to have won this weird American lottery we call fame.   So keep talking, you’re not winning any friends.

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