When you’re a star, they let you do it.

When you’re a star, they let you do it.

Now we get to the part where I’m a feminist.

A lot of Hillary supporters expressed shock and dismay that female Trump voters weren’t all totally horrified by his choice of language.   He said bad things about women – how could women voters turn out and support him?  Why was there so little outrage?

One of the most vociferous Hillary fans is a guy called Seth McFarlane.   He has a show called Family Guy that my husband is a fan of.   He’s watched it for years – it’s been on the air for nearly 20 years now.  And I have watched it with him, even though I actually dislike the show (srlsy – a LOT), due to the fact that I usually happen to be in the room at the same time.   I’ve seen every episode at least once, so just be aware I’m not commenting on something I am unfamiliar with.

Family Guy, while often funny and occasionally thought provoking, gets a great deal of its humor from shocking language and misogyny.  McFarlane would defend this as satire but about 87% of this “satire” is at the expense of women.

Most people have seen the show, but I will give an example which is just so egregious that it defies belief.  In a crossover episode with the Simpsons, Marge Simpson gets raped, on a Sunday night, on network tv.  Fox rightfully cut the scene and Seth McFarlane was just so totally super pissed about that.  According to his own commentary on his own Family Guy DVD set, McFarlane seriously seemed to think that the issue was about some sort of rivalry between the Simpsons and Family Guy.  Miss the point much?

This is a staunch Hillary supporter.  A guy who has worked for 20 years to normalize the worst, most racist, sexist language around.  A guy who regularly shows sexual violence against just about everybody, but mostly women, and calls it humor, and decides that 8 pm on a Sunday night, network TV, in a freaking CARTOON, is a great time to have an iconic female character get raped.  And when someone finally says “you know Seth, maybe this is just going a little too far” he is totally clueless as to why and gets all butthurt about it.

Hollywood, this is you.  This is why Middle America rolls our eyes at you and votes against you.  Because when you tear down all the societal niceties, shatter the barriers of politeness and good taste, they don’t grow back.   You can’t use something that doesn’t exist, because you destroyed it, against your enemies.  And you look like fools when you try.

You guys wanted this freewheeling world where those dusty old fuddy duddies and prissy Christians couldn’t cluck their tongues and say “oh that’s so terrible”.  No holds barred, nothing off limits.  Katy Perry, you can totally appear on Sesame Street in a blouse that barely covers your nipples.  Twerk, Miley, twerk.  People who get offended by shit are just total sticks in the mud.  Well, guys, you got it.  Your dream has been realized.  This is your paradise on Earth.   No one is offended by anything any more, except when it supports their agenda to, that is.

And then for Hillary with a totally straight face, given that these people are her core supporters, for her to turn around and expect any of us to be offended by anything Donald Trump says – it just shows your hypocrisy, your dishonesty, your utter lack of self-awareness and how completely out of touch you are with America.  Donald Trump in a Twitterwar with Rosie O’Donnell?  Seth McFarlane said she was put together by God out of spare parts and her breasts came out of a discard bin!!!  I’m supposed to be upset over Miss Housekeeping??  Have you ever seen Consuela?  This is supposed to show how your side is better, how you’re classier, how you’re less crass?

The one thing that Donald Trump said about women that actually bothered me, I felt that was far more an indictment of Hillary and her Hollywood supporters than Donald.  He said “When you’re a star, they let you do it.”  And you know what, I believe that.  These are the people who defend Roman Polanski and shower him with Oscars, they covered up for Bill Cosby for decades, ostracized Kesha and said nothing about the man who told her she “looked like a refrigerator” and probably raped her, and all the rest of it.  This is who supported Hillary.  So don’t expect outrage from me, because I KNOW you aren’t really outraged.  If you were really outraged, you’d clean your own house.  But you don’t, and you won’t, because this isn’t outrage.  It’s politics.

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