Reading Comprehension is Hard

Reading Comprehension is Hard

I got a comment via WordPress about the following article I wrote on Ordinary Times, thought it was worth posting publicly:

My reply:

—-, I’m sorry to hear that you misunderstood my article so completely.     

I won’t waste either of our time by pointing out how your interpretation of my article is so very incorrect, since it is quite clear to me that you bring a set of assumptions and prejudices that have colored your judgement to such extent that they’ve negatively affected your ability to comprehend that which you have read.  

However, in the interest of serving a higher truth – both Christ and reason – I must point out that it’s not my, but your position that embodies the mindset of Nazis, racists, and the like.  In order to feed your personal sense of moral superiority, you do not endeavor to contemplate, even for the briefest of moments, what it must have been like to be raised with any other position or worldview other than your own, and instead demonize hundreds of millions of people on the basis of the morality which you personally hold (through the Grace only of God, because I assure you, had you been born in that time and that place, you would be no more enlightened than they themselves were.)  It is that mindset, that failure to even attempt to understand the motives of people who were not the beneficiaries of time and place where we have the luxury of such a debate, plus that sick sensation of feeding one’s own ego, that lies at the heart of all prejudice.

In fact, —– I strongly suspect that’s the reason why you sent this letter – to give yourself a momentary frisson of pleasure in which you delight in your superiority over “those people”.  Hope it was fun for you.

At any rate, judgment + superiority is the attitude that allowed not only our ancestors, but literally the ancestors of all human beings who have ever been born, to turn a blind eye when heinous things were done to others – claiming that anyone outside the mainstream were ‘less than’, that they were ‘savages’, that they were ‘subhuman’, that they were ‘inferior’ – all of it comes from withholding one’s charity and understanding from others due to a perceived lack of morals.  Jesus calls for understanding and forgiveness to be extended to all people, even sinners, especially sinners.  And since you’ve chosen to attack me on the grounds of religion, might I suggest you reread what your Bible has to say about Pharisees?   
I too wish you peace, and have blocked your email address to that end.

And now for a spectacularly run on sentence…

If you, like me, are completely and utterly sick of people behaving as the worst sort of judgmental, hypocritical, superior, close-minded, Puritanical, prejudiced, -ists as any person who ever lived in the past, yet justifying it because somehow, they’re just SOOO highly evolved, somehow they’re just SOOOO wise, so good, so kind, so ethical, so moral, Jesus truly loves them best, and that’s why they’re a card-carrying part of the dominant majority (which is in no way oppressive, nope, not at all, nopity nope nope not even a little bit, despite buying a mountain of goods made by slave labor in China and cheering like drooling Fascist morons when Gofundme steals people’s money for having the wrong political beliefs, and using woke propaganda as fapbait in their masturbatory cosplay fantasies in which they’re Harry Potter fighting robot Adolf Hitler by sharing memes on Facebook) without having a scintilla of self-awareness allowing them to realize that’s exactly how every person in every dominant majority has always felt, always and forever, Nazis and racists very much included, I’ve written some other articles about it here:

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